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Welcome to ‘The Conscious Man Academy’

We are a school for men who aspire to grow and awaken to their full human potential and innate power through circles, events, workshops, and coaching.

Our goal is to guide and teach you the embodiment of healthy masculinity and support you on your journey toward growth, healing, and lasting transformation.

Our founder, Dan Hart, is passionate about providing a space where you will be heard, seen, and accepted for who you are as a man.

Our community offers you a place that allows you to let go of shame, emotional wounding, trauma, addiction, depression, and fear with zero judgment.

Joining the conscious man academy will bring you courage, resilience, sovereignty, and true empowerment.

Dan’s holistic approach recognizes that lasting transformation requires a deeper understanding of the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

We believe that every man is already whole, but together with his brothers, even more, ready to be his best self.

Because we rise, release, and reclaim together.

Join us now and become a true force of love, courage, and leadership.