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How To Become More Resilient, Present & Conscious

Continued Emotional Healing

  • With a safe and compassionate approach we start healing our emotional wounding & trauma
  • Not feeling is the trauma! If you stay in the mind, you’ll never be able to fully heal
  • Heart over mind approach important
  • Trauma is stored in the body
  • Healing can be done by oneself, in a group, with a trained guide like Dan as well as within the context of a relationship
  • Healing is a journey that takes as long as it takes
  • Patience and softness wins the game
  • Move beyond basic mammalian survival programming
  • Choose bottom-up approach over top-down
  • The feeling is the healing

Stop Self-Betrayal

  • Stopping self-betrayal creates a true sense of FREEDOM
  • We betray ourselves when we:
    • change who we are to get love, appreciation and approval  from the outside
    • are scared of and avoid conflict
    • when we do not speak our mind, share how we feel or speak our truth when needed
    • make false compromises
    • feel deeply worthless because we are worthy per se
  • Stopping self-betrayal allows you to live life from a place of deep love and soul
  • Live life to the fullest, don’t hold back your feelings, and fully respect the feelings of others too

With Grace, Honor & Faith

  • Stop giving your power away by allowing your emotions to rule you
  • Stop projecting negative emotional power at another being (dishonoring both yourself and the other)
  • Shadow of dishonour (suffering)
  • To subdue any state of feeling is to dishonour and distrust the feeling, which prevents acceptance (GK 22*)
  • Stop trying to change your feelings, or try to fix your mood, rather just allow it to pass through (Emotional Recycling)
  • You cannot reach higher states of consciousness without first passing through your own suffering (GK 22*)
  • Take full (emotional) accountability and birth true morality
  • Dishonor increases suffering
  • Grace meaning: Act with grace and consideration of your own feelings as well as others
  • Honoring your feelings creates true emotional freedom
  • All (things and people) is inter-connected
  • Honor the creator

Solid Healthy Boundaries

  • Personal boundaries are the limits and rules we set for ourselves within relationships
  • With healthy boundaries you are able to say NO, but also YES
  • Healthy boundaries both protect you, but keeps your heart open for real connection
  • Healthy boundaries mean the end of compromising your truth or values for others
  • Healthy boundaries mean to share personal information in an appropriate way
  • With healthy boundaries you know what you want, need and you can communicate that freely and efficiently
  • Learn to accept and be mindful about other people’s boundaries too
  • Setting healthy boundaries is essential if we want to be both emotionally and physically healthy
  • Your boundaries teach other people a reasonable, safe and permissible way to behave and respond
  • Communication is clear, firm and yet super loving
  • Communicating and re-inforcing your healthy boundaries make you honor yourself and practices self-respect and self-care

Meeting Ones Needs

  • Your needs are one of the corner stones of a happy life
  • Needs are very complex as they hold a lot of trauma from childhood
  • Most of us are ashamed for having needs in the first place
  • Most of us are disconnected from our needs as our needs were too often not met
  • Many are scared to appear needy because the energy of neediness repulses people
  • We cary a lot of shame around having needs
  • We need to learn the difference between unconscious neediness and having needs
  • We need to learn that it is safe to have needs and that we deserve to have them met, especially in our significant relationships
  • We need to learn to meet our own needs in a balanced way too
  • Your needs are sacred

Solid Connection To Your Inner Child

  • Our inner child is real and its alive
  • It is both playful and magical as well as wounded and scared
  • Your inner child wants a do-over, and it is your responsibility to give it to him if you want it to stop controling and sabotaging your life
  • Establish a connection to it, and start living life in consideration of it
  • Listen to it, aknowledge it and give it the space it deserves
  • Listen to its feelings, to its fears, to its needs and wishes
  • Aknowledge their sense of wonder, optimism, naiveté, love, play and uniqueness
  • Learn to reparent yourself, become the responsible loving parent
  • Have regular inner child repair days

Fulfilling Sexuality

  • A healthy conscious sexuality helps you massively regulate the Nervous System and creates real emotional and sexual intimacy between you and your partner
  • Work through your fears and shame around your sexuality
  • A fulfilling sex life is such a source of inspiration
  • Your body is your temple, and your compass. Let it guide you!
  • Focus on oxytocin inducing love making as bonds are only created when oxytocin is consistently released in response to a particular person
  • Oxytocin increases trust by calming the amygdala (M. Kosfeld, et al.)
  • DO NOT CHASE ORGASM, better do not come! (Read “cupid’s poisoned arrow”)
  • Stop letting porn destroy your sex life and distort your reality
  • Break the addiction cycle of orgasm to feel good and learn to circulate your sexual energy


  • We all long for real connection. In the absence of vulnerability there is no real connection
  • Brené Brown said “Vulnerability is essential to whole-hearted living and it is the most accurate measurement of courage”
  • Vulnerability means two things:
    • Being vulnerable means to let yourself be seen, to let other people into your heart, and to honestly share what is moving for you – share yourself to the people you trust
    • Your ability to be accepting of and comfortable with emotional discomfort without wanting to change it
  • Vulnerability brings a certain risk – so be discerning about who you are being vulnerable with
  • Don’t mistake vulnerability for weakness, this is not childhood anymore
  • Dare greatly – one of the biggest life-changers for significant relationships

Nervous System Awareness & Regulation

  • In today’s crazy fast world it is inevitable to be aware of the importance of the Nervous System
  • A regulated Nervous System will contribute massively to your quality of life
  • Recognise when your Nervous System is starting to feel dysregulated is the first step
  • Interrupting the “downward spiral” by immediately regulating actions is step number 2 – drop everything you are doing to enter self-care and repair mode immediately
  • Your breath is your saviour! Always.
  • Other forms of Nervous System regulation exercises:
    • Breathing exercises
    • Gentle Yoga
    • Weight lifting
    • Weighted blankets
    • Teddy bear cuddling
    • Cuddling
    • Touch (sit or lie down: put one hand on your heart and the other on your belly, 3 deep breathes)
    • Walk in nature for at least 30 mins
    • Cold bath or shower
    • Warm bath
    • Dancing
    • Singing (vagus nerve stimulation)
    • Shaking meditation (Kundalini)
    • Trauma release exercises
    • Eat something fatty (healthy fat like avocado)
    • Floating
    • Spa
    • Turkish bath
    • Paint
    • Journal
    • Write letters
    • Go for a run

Honouring Your Body

  • Move and take good care of your body
  • Eat healthy, organic and nutritious food (mostly fresh veggies and fruits)
  • Daily embodiment practice like Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Conscious breathing, Stretching, Shaking, Dancing, Gym, Spinning
  • Massage, SPA
  • Take supplements (if needed, check your blood regularly)
  • Stay hydrated, drink enough water
  • Don’t drink alcohol (or in moderation)
  • Avoid sugar, dairy and caffeine
  • Stay away from drugs
  • Get enough sleep and relaxation
  • Get sun
  • Eat slow

Understanding Energetics/Spirituality

  • Know that every action you take, every word you speak, how you speak it immediately influences the co-creation of your reality (be impeccable with your words)
  • Divine memory; all thoughts, feelings, and acts are recorded everywhere within the body of the universe (GK 22*)
  • Your actions create ripples that will one day return to its point of origin. Awareness of Karma: you do injustice, it will come back to you.
  • Invocation: Invite a higher presence into your life
  • Approach life in a prayerful and reverent manner
  • Allow the divine to interfere into your life
  • Every feeling, mood or thought you have is directly put there by God for you to trust in (GK 22*)
  • We are spiritual beings having a human experience (not the other way around)

Heart Wisdom

  • It is the solid connection to your heart that makes you compassionate, non-judgmental and loving
  • Re-establish your connection to this sacred place, and let it become stronger by the day
  • Your heart is so incredibly wise, and such a great compass
  • There is something about the heart region that is so powerful
  • It’s the place where you get touched so divinely
  • Set intentions to open and close your heart in adequate moments (awareness)
  • Let your heart be loved, and love with your heart in return
  • Practice open-hearted living

Live Life Rooted In Epic Love

  • Love moves fear out of the way
  • Epic (mature and authentic) love is your birthright
  • Love changes everything
  • Bring giving and receiving into balance
  • Through healing your wounds around love, attachment and relationships, re-program the outdated template
  • Epic love is the magic of life
  • Love heals

*Inspired by the teachings of the Gene Keys – Number 22

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