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The Conscious Man


The innate masculine is the endless source of pure consciousness that resides within your clear mind.

True masculinity holds profound impact because you are the bringer of protection, courage, leadership and strength.

You don’t let conditioned, distorted, and wounded masculine traits dictate your actions, behavior or decisions.

Instead you work tirelessly on the sacred understanding and embodiment of what the healthy masculine is really about.

You live in a grounded state of presence, consciously navigating the interactive play between your heart and your mind.

You’re not seeking attention outwardly, from women or the world, but rather you are supremely present with the world and the feminine.

You refuse to blame others for your problems, and you act always in consideration of the greater good.

You build wealth, power and influence from roots of self-worth and honor.

You know that no material accomplishment, status or looks can ever make up for how you show up in the world and in relationship to love.

Your wild sexual energy is connected to your heart and rooted in depth and love.

You have life force run through your entire body propelling your divine creativity.

You don’t manipulate to get, but you use your charisma to inspire & ignite positive change & transformation.

You know that freedom is a state of mind, and most felt when you get to be who you are without apologizing for how you think or how you feel.

You are the first to give yourself permission to step boldly into the spotlight where you lead your crowd with integrity, directed action and heartfelt compassion.

You know that you too are invited to heal the deeper parts of your heart & soul, and you’ll do whatever it takes to heal the emotional wounding you have experienced.

You know that you too feel deeply, and you allow and express your emotions because that’s what embodied masculinity is about.

You know that if you don’t heal those parts, chances are that you’ll give into abuse of power, procrastination, victimhood, addiction, domination, judgment, aggression or stubbornness.

You give yourself to the world and the feminine fully.

You’re not holding back, hiding in shame, guilt and fear.

You are aware of your greatness just as much as you are willing to accept your limitations without having to make it mean something about your worth.

You work authentically from a sense of passion, purpose and divine calling, and you don’t sacrifice or starve your own soul to be able to provide or be approved of.

You allow your feminine counterpart to blossom and shine and be in her power without having to make her small or burden her with your neediness and insecurity.

Masculine growth requires your willingness to work through the shame you’ve been hiding in, and instead allowing the pain connected to your deep sense of inadequacy.

It requires your willingness to risk failure, and navigate the stormy waters of the unknown.

It requires your ability to surrender in faith rather than giving into the need to control.

The pure masculine, you, are the sun and the seed of creation around which all movement dances in worship of you.

In return you worship the divine and bow in reverence.

You are freedom & power itself.

Remember that always.

Dan Hart

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