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Dan Hart, Founder

Dan Hart

Dan Hart – Men’s Coach & Mentor

I’ve Been There & It Sucked!

After losing my beloved wife and best friend Gillian on our honeymoon my life all suddenly turned upside down. Nothing made any sense and dying myself was not a bad option anymore. I escaped into alcohol and drugs just to not feel that excruciating pain of loss, the same I did in my youth.

In a way, I also died and came back after I took full responsibility for my pain and chose to feel it instead of numbing myself.

What I learned the hard way was that not taking any help and to figure it out all by myself prolonged my healing journey.
What I also learned that the key to my healing was in childhood and without addressing my hurt and lost inner child I would have never made it back.

Allowing myself to grieve and going thru all stages without holding back and choosing vulnerability gave me a second chance. And for this second chance, I feel utterly grateful.

I know depression, addiction, and loss and it sucks! I know how it feels to be lonely, isolated, feeling like a failure, or that toxic shame of feeling not good enough or unworthy. I know how it is to fuck up a relationship (again & again). I know how it is to grow up with a father who is not present or emotionally available. I know how it is to not feel at all.

You don’t have to go trough this all by yourself. 

I Got You!

We all have different stories, but our feelings and needs are pretty much the same.

We long for connection, for realness, for support and brotherhood that makes up for the lack of a strong fatherly imprint. 

The one thing I know is true for every man – is that every man feels deeply, we fail, we stand up, and we fight that sense of inadequacy together, that’s how we turn things around. 

I promised myself that I’m not gonna let my brothers down. 

Together we rise, release and reclaim the parts we’ve lost along the way. 

That’s why I created The Conscious Man Academy, and I can’t wait for you to join.

My mission is to support you in healing your father’s wound and overcoming your toxic shame so you can become a better leader for yourself and others. Being more present, conscious, and confident. Living a life in alignment with your purpose, truth, and heart. I can’t wait to get to know you.

Dan Hart