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What’s In It For You?

Develop Discipline & Live Your Purpose

To feel truly alive, you need to get crystal clear on your vision and mission, transforming any lingering laziness into discipline, dedication, and purpose. You know that your life’s purpose cannot be limited to an intimate relationship, you were made for more! 

Find Balance In Your Masculinity

Men who have been wounded during childhood tend to turn into either Mr. Nice Guy who gets pushed around or an arrogant macho who abuses his power. The healthy masculine honors the qualities of a true leader – integrity, authenticity, trustworthiness, and humbleness.

Be Emotionally Available

Many men consciously or subconsciously avoid emotional intimacy for individual reasons. You might even tell yourself that you don’t need love and connection. But your heart speaks a different language. This is why you are here now – to trust love again, and allow yourself to be there for your partner, so you can build REALationships.

Dare To Be Vulnerable

Let go of the idea that boys don’t cry and the urge to suppress emotions, mask distress, or maintain an appearance of hardness. Integrate your feminine to live life more open-heartedly. Return to the language of your wise heart becoming one of those men who dare to be vulnerable knowing that vulnerability is real strength (and incredibly sexy!).

Overcome Toxic Shame

Working through conditioned toxic shame is essential to fully owning your greatness. Understand your main sources of shame, let go of that feeling of inadequacy, and overcome the fear of being found out as a fraud to finally come out of hiding.

Be An Empathetic Lover

Become an irresistible lover who is able to open his woman to orgasmic bliss. Let go of anxiety and pressure in the bedroom and transform shallow sex into satisfying love-making that leaves you feeling more connected to your partner. Last as long as you like and experience multiple full-body orgasms together.

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