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1on1 Coaching with Dan Hart

When you choose to work with Dan, your initiation into the art of true modern embodied masculinity will begin.

Dan helps you to connect deeply with healthy authentic masculine energy where you start fully trusting your inner wisdom. He’ll hold you accountable to live and act from a place of deep integrity, courage, and love.

Working with Dan is an invitation to rise, and step into the powerful masculine state of pure consciousness that you are. You’ll become someone people feel inspired by and motivated to listen to. You’ll be serving the world with an open raw and loving heart, and yet uncompromising when speaking your truth.

The way you show up as a man in your intimate relationship will never be the same after working with Dan. You’ll be able to guide your partner from a place of clarity, able to provide an unparalleled sense of safety to the feminine and the world around you. 

Dan’s promise is one of integrity. If you are looking for a quick fix on how to polish your ego, or get more women into bed, you’ve come to the wrong place. You will be a fit if you are willing to do the inner work that’s required for lasting transformation and positive change.

Dan will hold you accountable to rise, take massive action, and step into sovereign leadership when required.

Working with Dan will not get you more of those “nice-to-know” mental concepts because life requires much more than that from you. Together with Dan, you’ll discover the roots of your challenges so you can finally heal and integrate them for real. Masculine growth requires for you to build a stable bridge between your heart, cock and mind so you can serve your world truly walking your talk.

Dan’s approach is not one of sugar-coating things, so your ego won’t get hurt. His fierce love is wildly compassionate, and deeply penetrating to bring light to the parts you’ve been hiding in darkness. He is in service of the birthing of your deepest potential, all the while supporting you through any challenge you might discover along the way. Dan will be in your corner as a steady grounded inspiring masculine force that you can deeply trust and rely on.

This is for men who are committed to transformation, ready to let go of the fears and insecurities they’ve been holding on to for way too long. You’ll strengthen your backbone and become assertive in a healthy way. You’ll cut through the noise and discover your unique voice deeply trusting your gut and bodies innate wisdom and intuition

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and become the most empowered version of remaining steady no matter what life or women throw at you? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect in a session with Dan?
Every session will begin with a quick debriefing of the past week, and what’s been alive for you. With an open heart and mind, we’ll begin exploring the deeper meaning of your experiences. We’ll look at the parts that need healing or integration, resulting in deep energetic shifts and supreme clarity for your way forward. You’ll experience important breakthroughs and insights, and you’ll feel release and more freedom as you walk powerfully into a new week.

How long do sessions last?
A session with Dan usually lasts for 75-90 minutes, ensuring that your experience feels complete and there are no open loops or questions that still need addressing.

Where are the live sessions held?
Live online: Zoom.

What is the refund policy?
Once we agree on a number of sessions, the contract is non-terminable, and the amount owed. However, I know that life can get in the way that’s why I have a cancelation policy ready for you.

Cancellation of scheduled sessions:
Cancellation within 24 hours before a scheduled session: 50% will be charged
Cancellation within 48 hours before a scheduled session: Full refund given

In case of late arrival to sessions, Dan will wait 15 minutes before closing the session space. 50% will be charged.
Late time will be considered session time.

Are my sessions confidential?
Your privacy is protected. Dan will never reveal any identifying information to third parties without your explicit permission. Only Dan and possibly his mentor/coach will have access to your information (without mentioning your name) to ensure the quality of the work Dan offers. Confidentiality can be broken in case of emergency, more specifically, if the client is a threat to himself or others. 

Is coaching a substitute for therapy?
Coaching is not a substitute for therapy or for diagnosing any underlying conditions. Dan’s coaching is trauma-informed, deeply intuitive, and spiritual, and does not promise any results. You are 100% responsible for any personal or professional growth, but I’ll do anything in my power to help you get there.

Ask Yourself:
In What Future Are You Investing?

Future 1:
You stay on your current path, and the worst-case scenario becomes a reality. You’ll waste your potential, and in the end, be left with a life full of regret.

Future 2:
You choose to do the deep inner work, and manifest your dreams. A life of freedom and abundance will be yours, and you’ll leave a powerful legacy for the next generation, inspiring them to do the same.

Yes! I Totally Choose Future 2!